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Well, I suspect this place is totally dead... .__. But I'll keep linking to the DATR fic I write anyway.

Rated PG-13.

Rated PG.

And then there's this one, which is actually a Zim/Dib/Tak ot3. There's still ZADR in it! Feel free to bah-leet it if it's inappropriate for the comm, though. :)

Rated PG-13.
LoZ - Zelda

Challenge for you all!

In effort to liven up this community, I make challenges for you all. There is no due date, no winner, no loser. Just some friendly plotbunnies.

For Artists

Do any sort of cos-play drawing with Dib and Tak. Anything goes. Think Dib would make the best Luke Skywalker ever? Go for it. Itching to see how they would look at the cast of Phantom of the Opera? Draw it. Always wanted to draw them as Aladdin and Jasmine? Go ahead. I'd love to see whatever you dish out.

For Writers

We see a lot of stories where Zim becomes human or Dib becomes Irken, but I haven't seen any where Tak becomes human. I'd love to see someone try to do this. It can be AU, or you can think of some creative way of doing this. Your choice.

For Music-Lovers

The two big fandom fads right now are fan soudtracks and sentence fics, so I would really love to see a DATR fansoundtrack. You can do this on a DATR fanfic, you can make up a story, or you can do it to the episode Tak: The Hideous New Girl. It's your choice.
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